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Nizzy Daniels embodies a trans-cultural style offering a fabulous fusion of African prints with a Western flair. We thrive on the involvement of customers between the idea and product development phase as well as customer feedback after purchase, while ensuring 100% satisfaction at all costs. Nizzy Daniels was created for maximalists who love timeless chic clothes and love to set trends.

Chinaza Imala holds a civil engineering degree from the prestigious Covenant University in Nigeria as well as an MBA from Cleveland State University in the United States. Chinaza has cultivated his passion for designing clothes since 2013 and created Nizzy Daniels out of his love for cultural diversity, interracial peaceful co-existence and his disdain for institutionalized racism in the United States where he lived between August 2014 and August 2019. Chinaza Imala has been extended invitations as a featured designer for New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and Cannes Film Festival, just to name a few. Chinaza Imala is also a committed and dedicated follower of Jesus Christ who seeks to use fashion as a platform to glorify the Name of Jesus.